Can’t get flavour through your whole Pork Shoulder? Turn out a little stringy or worse – dry? And the flavour – ummm, next question? As one of the thickest cuts of meat, it can certainly be a little challenging to get right everytime.

With Badass BBQs new Pork-Tech Injection, not only will it help to tenderize your meat but it will leave it bursting with flavour and moisture in no time!

The hints of caramelised apple and a smoky-savory base, match perfectly with pork and combine perfectly to produce big flavour combinations, especially when married with the right sweet rubs and or sauces.

You can also try Pork-TECH mixed with fruit juice for that extra flavour burst!

Badass range of injections are perfect for both competitions and for home use and come in a Badass 450 gram size jar! Grab all 3 and join a Badass BBQ movement today!

Flavour Profile

Savoury sweetness with a hint of caramel and fresh apple, with balanced smoke and rich molasses undertones.

How to use it

Dissolve 1/4 cup into 300mls of water, fruit juice or stock. Inject cold into 5-7Kg of meat. Rest @ 0-4°C for 4-6 hours.